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Rp 1,000,000 / p - 1 Day - Min. 2 person

Inclusions : AC coach, English speaking driver, Boat, Parking fee, Lunch, Mineral water & Snorkeling gear

Exclusions : Insurance

Gili Petelu
GILI PETELU is a small island located on the east of Lombok. There are three small hills on the island. Gili petelu is a coral island formed and has a hilly contour which has a stunning and enchanting view from above. The seawater is clear blue and calm. Beautiful colorful fish can be seen from the boat. The white sandy beach scratched along the island. 

Gili Gambir
GILI GAMBIR offers beautiful undersea views with their vast coral reefs, complete with their whole pristine ecosystem with exotic, colorful coral fishes swim across the reefs. In Gili Gambir, you may explore the beauty of the undersea garden by snorkeling at shallow depth. You can touch the colorful fishes and coral reefs. If they were lucky, turtles might also pass by that they can cuddle with.

Semangkok Beach
This is a virgin beach on the East of Lombok. It is located on Lombok mainland but can be reached only by boat. The white sandy beach scratched along the area offers you an excellent place for relaxing, playing on the beach, swimming at the calm, clear seawater.

The beach is still clean and less-polluted. The sand feels really good on your feet. So, just walking around on the beach on this island will give you enough beautiful experience. The green hill behind the beach also looks really beautiful.

Tangsi Pink Beach & Hill
Located in a small village called Sekaroh, Jerowaru, on Ekas Peninsuala. The sand here actually pink-tinged and looks really lovely. The color gradation of white, pink, turquoise and blue create a great composition for making pictures. Pink Beach has calm water with a lovely view of Mount Rinjani in the distance. The beach is protected because it is located in a bay, shielding it from huge waves that might reach this beach. It is an excellent place for swimming and snorkeling. At the end of the beach, there is a little hill that takes a few minutes to walk up. Tangsi is one of the cliffy and hilly beaches that offers you a beautiful open sea view. It has the most stunning panoramic views. There are Limestone Rocks jut out from the peninsula. There are also small islets dotted in tri-colored waters.

Segui Pink Beach
SEGUI PINK BEACH seen pinkish in the morning and evening when wave dampen the sand that affected by sunshine. The pink color caused by the decaying of red algae that mix with the sand beach. It has not too long coastline, and it is squeezed by two small hills. The texture of the sand is very smooth that very suitable for sunbathing. At the end of the beach, there is a coral reef that is very cool to take a picture. That is why Segui beach is a Hidden Paradise in Lombok Island.

Gili Pasir
GILI PASIR is a very tiny island formed by the white sand that appears only in low tide. When it is high tide, the island is disappeared. You may find many sea stars and sea birds around the island. It is not a place for snorkeling, but as it is an extraordinary object, it is worth to see it.